Topical cannabis is not a new concept. Rubbing cannabis as a localized method of treating pain and finding superficial relief from tension and muscle soreness has been used by ancient civilizations including ancient China, Egypt and Greece. The resurgence of topical cannabis is helping many treat ailments without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with consuming cannabis.

Traditional Treatments Using Topical Cannabis

The most common use for topical cannabis, as well as medically prescribed cannabis, is pain. The modern cannabis user applies topical cannabis as a supplement to other forms of consumption for the treatment of sore muscles, inflammation, tension, and localized pain relief.

Topical Cannabis for Skincare

Besides treating tension and sore muscles topical application of cannabis is helpful for headaches and cramping too. Furthermore, skincare benefits through the topical method of consumption comes from its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Because of these properties, cannabis has proven a good ally for treating skin conditions including:

  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Itchy skin

How do they work to treat your skin? While THC has antioxidant properties, CBD is the real powerhouse of the cannabinoids. CBD, in a 1998 study, was found to have more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E and C. What does that mean? Antioxidants protect skin from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that harm cells and cause damage on a spectrum that ranges anywhere from early aging to cancer. Another way cannabis helps protect skin is by aiding with the aging process – cannabis can become the new hero in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin. There are a few reasons for its rejuvenating properties, but can mainly be attributed to the moisturizing and sun protection provided through the seed oil.

Different topicals interact differently with skin conditions depending on the cannabinoid content (THC versus CBD) and the composition of its other ingredients. Work with an experienced naturopathic doctor or holistic nurse to make sure you are choosing the right product for your condition.


If you plan on using topical cannabis as part of your skincare routine we suggest applying after a hot shower – your pores will be open and absorption will be more effective. Be generous with it and don’t be shy about a second… or third application.

Getting Intimate with Topical Cannabis

Cannabis and sex is not a new concept – the history behind it extends into ancient history and cannabis topicals is just one method of consumption to consume to improve sex. By now most people have seen or heard of topical cannabis products lines that include personal lubricants and suppositories, and we know you may have some questions.

How do they work?

Because of the increased bioavailability found in mucus membranes in the genital region, cannabis topicals designed for personal pleasure are able to target a zone and minimize the psychoactive effects.

What do they do?

These lines of products all aim to do one thing – relax the region so you can focus on feeling good. However, some might work better for your biochemistry or needs.

Personal Lubricants: FORIA Pleasure led the pack with personal lubricants. This topical cannabis awakens your libido, makes you more sensitive and relaxes the region for maximum enjoyment. When your body is relaxed and nerve endings are brought on-line, you are more likely to achieve and maintain a state of orgasm.

Suppositories: Much like the personal lubricants, anal suppositories can serve as a good way to explore new horizons. Anal suppositories help relax the region and enhance sensations to reach another level of euphoria with your partner.

What are the benefits?

Besides feeling good, cannabis can have a benefit beyond the physical when used during intimacy. Whether you are using cannabis topicals for massage or play, they aide in partner bonding and increasing connectivity. They help keep things interesting which ultimately helps maintain chemistry and sexual attraction in your relationship.

Are there risks?

Always check products for ingredients you may be allergic to, but the main risk involved with using cannabis topicals for sex is that most are made with an oil or wax based binder for the cannabis oil – this means that they are NOT latex friendly, but if you use alternative forms of protection you should be fine.

Whether you decide to use cannabis topicals to treat localized pain, for skincare, or for play – topical cannabis is a good method to try for novice users or to supplement other consumption methods. It is all the benefits of cannabis without adding the psychoactive commitment that comes with other methods of consumption.

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