Microdosing cannabis is not a new concept; however, there are few options available for patients seeking to find a dosage just below that limit for the greatest health benefits. Each person has a unique chemistry and metabolism, so use common sense, if you are sensitive to most medicines, and have no experience with medicinal marijuana, you can start with a few drops and build up to an effective dose slowly. Microdosing allows cannabis users to approach their intake with sophistication and ease.


What Is Microdosing?

A microdose is the smallest dose of a drug that creates an effect for the user. In medical marijuana terms, microdosing means taking the smallest amount of cannabis without seriously altering your mood or mindset. In other words, it leads slowly leads you up to the feeling or sensation of almost being high. It allows you to precisely control your dosing and create the perfect amount of high for yourself.

Consistent microdosing of a quality whole plant cannabis tincture has a cumulative effect. It can take 30 to 60 days to restore balance to the endocannabinoid system, however, many feel positive results in the first days of dosing while 1 to 2 weeks of steady use should give you indications of the direction you need to go.

As always, we recommend that users beginning to microdose go LOW and SLOW to find their perfect dose. The effects can take up to two hours to feel.

Benefits and Effects

Microdosing cannabis has proven to have many benefits. A recent New York Post article reports that cannabis is not only becoming more accepted in New Yorks elite social circles, but that it is becoming a staple at many socialite parties. An Upper East side mother talks about microdosing with cannabis infused coffee beans, saying, “’It’s like what you’d get with a glass of wine,’ she said. ‘A lot of 40-year-old women don’t want to go out and make snowmen in the cold with their kids. But after a coffee bean or two, you love the snow. You love snowmen. You love sledding. You love it all so much, you’re posting pics online.”

The benefits and effects of microdosing are numerous, with users reporting decreased symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, stress, ADHD, inflammation, and indigestion. Of course, along with this comes a heightened, more positive mood and emotions when microdosing cannabis.


Microdosing With Kaya Collective

At Kaya Collective, we have many product options for our members to begin microdosing cannabis.


Akasha Care Tinctures

Microdosing with Akasha Care products is very convenient with easy to measure 5 to 10mg cannabis doses taken sublingually (under the tongue) 3 to 4 times a day. Using the knowledge that everyone has a limit to the amount of cannabis they can take before their natural processes are less responsive, Akasha Care Cannabis tinctures come in a variety of ratios (link to tincture card) designed for individuals to self-monitor and determine their own dosage.


Kiva Confections Petra Mints

Petra mints come in both Eucalyptus and Morrocan mint flavors. At 2.5 mg of THC per mint, Petra mints make microdosing simple and extremely discreet. Many users pop a Petra mint while working for a quick pick-me-up during a long workday.

Best Products For Microdosing

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