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Organic THC Rick Simpson Oil 1ml

THC: 688.43 mgCBN: 4.7mg
(6 customer reviews)


1g of Organic Rick Simpson Oil contains:

THC – 688.43 mg
CBD – 7.2 mg

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Kaya’s Organic Rick Simpson Oil is a potent THC extract oil known for its powerful effects in treating pain typically associated with cancer treatment. Our Organic Rick Simpson Oil is made with organic indica strains using the Rick Simpson method. Rick Simpson oil has been used to treat a myriad of ailments and conditions and has allowed people to escape their opiate use. Although research is limited, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that Rick Simpson oil could be used to cure cancer. This may be attributed to its deep sleep effect that allows the body to enter into relaxation and cure itself. Another benefit to using organic Rick Simpson oil is that it helps mitigate nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Don’t let the benefits of this product stop there; Kaya’s Organic Rick Simpson oil has been reported to help with sleep disorders. The heavy indica effects induce sleep and allow patients to stay asleep for a full nights rest.

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688.43 mg



6 reviews for Organic THC Rick Simpson Oil 1ml

  1. Jessica

    I have been making RSO for over ten years, the stuff in the photo here is NOT RSO

  2. Casey

    Great, fast service. I started slow with this. But for past two weeks I’ve had pain relief and deep sleep each night. That’s huge.

  3. Casey

    Great, fast service. I started out with not too much, but I’ve been using this for two weeks. It is an amazing help with deep sleep and pain relief.

  4. Steve

    It is recommended that as a cancer patient we need a 90 day treatment starting w a rice size piece ending w a gram a day. It can be burdensome to come up w a lump sum that much. Ever thought about doing a monthly payment delivery plan for us cancer patients?

  5. SiriDev

    Wow. I have heard of the benefits of this powerful medicine and finally tried it. I started off very conservative with the dosing as suggested, half a grain of rice for first few times. Gradually worked up to about a grain size of rice or bit more. Entire sringe lasted about two weeks of mostly everynight use.
    Had profound healing, most noticeable after first night. As a cancer patient this brings me comfort and deep rest to heal.
    So grateful for this product.

  6. Jenifer

    I used to be a very light sleeper, wake up every two hours if that…awake is how I spent my nights. I would use cannabis to help but it didn’t keep me asleep . I tried
    The RS oil , put a dose in a capsule and asleep I went…I think the first night I slept for 6 hrs straight…and I wasn’t sick? This product has changed my life? Thanks KAYA

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