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Kiva Chocolate Blueberries

THC: 100mg
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Kiva Chocolate Blueberries contain approx. 5 mg THC per individual piece of beautiful dark chocolate covered blueberries. These chocolate blueberries are a great option for novice cannabis consumers that want to try medicating with edibles. The precise dosing of the blueberries allows the consumer to accurately medicate without any of the guess work involved with many edibles on the market. They are a convenient and delicious option to pop into your mouth when you need a cannabis boost. Product contains a low dose of THC, but you should take care when consuming until you understand how your body metabolizes the THC in edibles. Edibles rule of thumb: “start low, go slow”

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1 review for Kiva Chocolate Blueberries

  1. Bev

    BEWARE!!! These are absolutely delicious!!! Bet you can’t eat just one!!!

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