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EdiPure Gummies – 100mg



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EdiPure is among the oldest, largest, and most highly respected edibles brands out there, and for good reason. Unlike nearly every one of its competitors, EdiPure infuses each edible with precise doses of THC and lab-tests every product for quality, taking the guesswork out of regulating your patient experience (and making the most out of your medicine).


EdiPure edibles come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and of course, flavors, from sugarcoated gummy bears to old-school rock candies and chocolate chip cookies. If you’re seeking something a bit less luxurious, worry not; the brand also carries THC-infused nut clusters and dried fruits that you can toss in your trail mix for your next outdoor adventure.


EdiPure edibles are highly effective at managing insomnia, chronic pain conditions, and symptoms of anxiety and depression. They also come in a range of doses, making them ideal for both beginner and seasoned patients.


Laboratory Tested THC-Infused Edibles


EdiPure’s medicinal edible products are infused with THC that’s derived from lab-grade reagents and extraction methods, then “prepared” so that they can be infused into a host of edible products with exact THC dosing and no resulting cannabis taste.


Minimal Cannabis Taste


EdiPure uses a proprietary approach for the infusion of THC into its products. Their extraction and “preparation” methods allow them to infuse a host of edible products, whether it’s Strawberry Rainbow Belts, Cinnamon Drops or Cupcakes. On the company’s about page you’ll find a claim that reads, “EdiPure edibles produce no dirt-of-the-Earth, plant-y after taste like so many THC-infused edibles on the market today.”


Precise THC Dosing


All edibles and extracts begin their lives as marijuana “flower,” the budding, smokable version of marijuana. From there, EdiPure uses a safe and proven extraction process that screens the flower trimmings and buds, strips THC crystals from the plant, and creates THC-rich titrates that resemble oil. Next the oil-like titrations are heated to activate the concentrated THC. Like burning marijuana flower with a flame, heating the titrations allows edible consumers to feel the “high” of activated THC.


A second round of intense heating rids the mixture of contaminants, and releases any remaining water. The resulting mixture is the pure ‘EdiPure Elixir’ that is later precisely infused into every EdiPure edible product.


The Real Difference?


EdiPure employs the industry’s first 3-day infusion process, guaranteeing that extra bit of TLC in every product to ensure the highest quality. That way, each edible is devoid of any contaminants and accurate dosage and potency are consistently achieved.


In fact, that’s what EdiPure seems to pride itself on most. They reassure, “At the very least, the dosage will remain constant from one batch of delicious candies to the next.” The company’s mission is to offer cannabis patients a responsible way to learn about the effects of medical marijuana edibles on their own bodies, and adjust their dose accordingly in a safe and consistent way.


Sounds All Good, But Is It?


EdiPure recently voluntarily recalled its products in Colorado for the fourth time. The company has now recalled over 63,000 individual packages, due mostly in part to its products containing banned pesticides like myclobutanil and etoxazole.


After the company’s third recall, EdiPure criticized Gobi Analytical–the private testing lab contracted by the city of Denver–claiming its methodology to be “dubious at best, relying more on voodoo math and junk science than certified and standard scientific methods.”


Gobi responded by saying it uses “the most widely used technique to detect and quantify pesticides in plant and food products. This technique is the standard method for determining pesticide residues in the United States and Europe.


The Best Damn Marijuana Gummies Around


Marijuana gummies are some of the heaviest-hitting MMJ products available, despite their small size. Their effects come on slow and peak around 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingestion, lasting three or more hours depending on the dosage.


If you’re looking for a full evening of relief from insomnia or chronic pain, gummies may be for you. If not, you’ll still find them effective for relieving nausea, cramps, headaches, and good old-fashioned stress and anxiety.


Because of their anonymity, marijuana gummies can be consumed on-the-go, regardless of where you are, making them ideal for medicating while in public or during long commutes.


Patients new to edibles should start out with doses in increments of 10mg, waiting 1 to 3 hours in between to ensure proper dosage. For patients looking for deeper physical relaxation, gummies and other edibles are ideal vehicles for CBD, THC’s more physically-acting counterpart.

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