There is no doubt that edibles are a delicious alternative for medicating for patients who aren’t interested in smoking cannabis. However, proper dosing can become a daunting task and for inexperienced users it can be overdone making the experience more of a dysphoria rather than euphoria. Bodies metabolize THC at different rates so an important thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will react to an edible in the same way.

Starting dosage

“Start low; go slow,” is a good rule of thumb when it comes to medicating with edibles.

Inexperienced Cannabis User

For anyone that is new to cannabis should stick to a low dose to start. One to five milligrams of THC is a safe bet until you are familiar with how your body responds to THC

Occasional Cannabis User

If you have consumed cannabis before, it is likely that you have a good idea how your body will react to THC. A ten milligram dose is a good place to start for patients that have experimented with cannabis for treatment before.

Frequent Cannabis User

Frequent use of cannabis results in a higher tolerance to THC. Although cannabis’s risk, or lack thereof, of an overdose makes it an incredibly safe form of medicating, you should consult your caregiver before choosing an edible to ensure proper dosage.

Not all edibles are created equal

For some edibles are not an attractive method of medicating with cannabis because of the guess work involved in consuming them. Is this piece too big? How many milligrams of THC am I actually getting? These are common questions and real concerns, especially for patients that aren’t yet comfortable with dosing themselves.

Luckily, the edible space in the cannabis industry has products that have answered these questions for patients. Pre-dosed, and often times individually wrapped, edibles exist on the market that take the guess work out of edible consumption. Patients can now rest assured that the dose accuracy in their edibles will provide them with the same relief every time.

easy as 1 2 3 410x1024 - Edibles Education: How to Consume Edible CannabisHow to medicate with edibles is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Start with one dose.
2. Wait two hours
– Edibles don’t have an instant effect and can take up to 1.5 and 2 hours to come on.
– Affect us all differently and on an individual basis
3. Never mix
– No alcohol
– No controlled substances

Remember, edibles should always be stored in a secure location away from pets and children

What to do if you get “too high”

Consuming too much THC could lead people to have a bad high where anxiety or paranoia kick in. This is not a pleasant feeling and can make someone feel like it is the end, but rest assured that the feeling will pass and that marijuana fatality is at an astounding rate of zero.

– DON’T PANIC… try to calm down; Worrying about the THC induced anxiety will only heighten it. Lay back and breathe.
– Hydration is key. Drinking water will not only make you feel better, it gives you something to focus on besides the feeling of paranoia.
– Take a walk. Exercising helps to bring you down from a high.
– Take CBD


CBD (cannabidiol), the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, has been found to be able to counteract the effects of the THC in people. Think of it as a dimmer switch to your high. CBD balances the buzz and softens a high when it becomes too intense. There is a caveat to this remedy in that you have to take into consideration your body’s unique biology on how it metabolizes CBD and the intensity and nature of the anxiety.

Choosing your CBD product:
* Your CBD products should be lab tested to ensure right amount of CBD will be delivered

– Smoking or vaping (results in the fastest relief)
– Ingestible oil (gives you the highest concentration of CBD)
– Edibles (takes the longest to feel relief)


Edibles offer patients a discreet way to medicate and have been vastly improved to take all of the guess work out for patients in, in many cases. Talk to your caregiver to see if edibles are right for you.

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