Green Nectar believes in the healing power of medical cannabis. We believe in working with a cannabis doctor and/or nurse to find optimal wellness and to navigate your medical cannabis journey safely. Patients put themselves at risk of unwanted side effects when they don’t consult with an experienced cannabis doctor or nurse.

What are the benefits?

Working with a naturopathic doctor (ND) or holistic nurse can allow a cannabis patient to take better control of their treatment journey with cannabis. This is especially true for first-time cannabis patients. First time users often have no idea what is an appropriate dose or what method of consumption or strain is appropriate.

Choosing to work with a cannabis doctor or nurse allows you to tailor dosage, method, and frequency of cannabis to your biochemistry and ailment. One of the issues surrounding cannabis is that it is not recognized by the FDA as a medical treatment and in many states, including California, medical cannabis patients are only required to visit their doctor once a year leaving cannabis patients dependent on dispensary staff, which no matter how knowledgeable and well-intentioned, do not have medical backgrounds.

Other benefits include:

  • Identify interactions with pharmaceutical drugs and safety when combining with those prescriptions.
  • Safely wean off of opioid medications – opioid addiction withdrawal mitigation/relief
  • Each patient’s biochemistry is unique – a cannabis doctor or nurse can help teach you more about your own biochemistry
  • Different strains, terpenes, methods, doses, etc. work better for different ailments – a cannabis savvy medical professional will be able to guide you in the right direction.
Cannabis dosing and the role of a cannabis doctor or nurse

Dosing for cannabis is both an art and a science. Cannabis doctors and nurses can help dose your medicine and adjust frequency and dosing instructions based on what works for you. They have your medical history and take detailed notes on what worked for you and what didn’t.

Because cannabis is viewed as biphasic – good in small amounts with opposite effects when taken in larger amounts – cannabis doctors and nurses can help you manage a microdosed treatment plan. Microdosing has been effective in helping patients receive the best dose level and results for each patient.

The difficulty with dosing, especially with cannabis naive patients, is that many dispensaries don’t carry tested cannabis products or products that are pre-dosed. Both are essential in knowing what dosage works for you and what elements of cannabis works for you.

Remember, cannabis dosing is NOT one size fits all.

What if you don’t work with a naturopathic doctor or holistic nurse?

We recommend always being open and honest with your healthcare provider about your cannabis use. Working with a naturopathic doctor or a holistic nurse can be the difference between a bad experience and a successful journey into wellness. Without a naturopathic doctor or holistic nurse, cannabis patients run the risk of experiencing unwanted side effects – especially in people with a history of psychosis or other mental illness.

The Green Nectar Difference

Although not required, Green Nectar believes that naturopathic doctors and holistic nurses are the most integral part of finding success through cannabis use and treatment. We test our flower and specialize in high CBD products as well as carry easy dosing or pre-dosed products. We believe in cannabis as an avenue of healing and wellness – by taking a one size fits all mentality hinders this process. That’s why Green Nectar takes all the steps to make your cannabis journey easy, enjoyable, and effective by providing you and our cannabis medical community the tools they need to tailor treatment to each patient.

To find a cannabis doctor or nurse in San Diego, visit our resource page.