Despite its 3,000 year history as an aphrodisiac and treatment for sexual dysfunction, modern day cannabis users have recently discovered marijuana’s effects on their sex lives and have begun exploring options to enhance their sensuality. The question is, can cannabis improve your sex life? There is a delicate balance in using cannabis to enhance sex and science behind the strains you choose to match your needs.



All cannabis use is not even across the board and its effects on individuals are determined by the personality, physiology, intention, environment and culture of the user.


The psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, and sex both activate the pleasure center of our brains and stimulates the release of the same neurochemicals serving as a complement to each other.

THC and sexual activities open up the release of dopamine, the happiness hormone, leading the brain to feel rewarded when we partake in activities we enjoy. Both also stimulates the release of anandamide, otherwise known as the bliss molecule, which allows the brain to feel the uplift in mood and allows us to let go of anxieties and tension in the body.  

THC and libido

Effects of THC on Testosterone and Libido


Testosterone and THC

Testosterone, partly responsible for libido in men and women, increases momentarily right after consumption of cannabis. However, testosterone production is where the relationship between sex and cannabis can be tricky. Dosage and THC levels present in strains of cannabis is important to understand in testosterone production; it becomes all the difference between heating things up in the bedroom and a flop.

Although THC increases testosterone, it is a fleeting effect that has a quick plummet if high doses of cannabis are consumed. This can cause a decrease in libido and sometimes leads to erectile disfunction. A low to moderate dose of marijuana, however, will keep your testosterone at its peak for longer in turn keeping you turned on and boosting sensuality. For women, too much THC can throw estrogen and testosterone levels out of balance resulting in a low sexual appetite.

The cannabis community has come to an unofficial finding that suggests THC potency of 14-16% seems to be where the sensual headspace in women is found, while in men that sweet spot lies between 18-20%. Every body is different in how it metabolizes THC and these ranges are meant to be a starting point. You may find yourself outside of these guidelines and some adjusting may be needed for you to find your THC target.



Sex and Cannabis

When it comes to indicas and sativas, there is no rule as to which strain works best for sensual enhancement. Personal preference and body chemistry will determine what works best for you.


  1. Heightens climax
  2. Aids in partner bonding
  3. Boosts stamina
  4. Increases length and intensity of orgasm
  5. Tactile sensation magnified


Kaya’s Favorite Strains for Pleasure


Skunk #1 Skunk #1 Close UpThis flower may sound offensive, but a few hits is enough to turn you into Pepé Le Pew in constant search of romance. The effects of its high allows you to feel more connected to your partner as you melt into each other. The increase in blood flow you get from this flower helps to increase sensation in all the right places helping you achieve an explosive orgasm. CAUTION: cotton mouth is real… avoid oral



OG 78OG 78 Close Up The rising star of CBD flowers is quickly gaining attention for its relaxing body effects and the mental focus/clarity that it provides. We like this flower for awakening the passion on Valentine’s Day – perfect for the person that needs to function for the rest of the day, but likes to start the morning off on a positive note… combine OG 78 with a little morning romp between the sheets in lieu of your morning cup of joe.



Sour Diesel Sour Diesel Close UpSmoke this to help you fuel the creative juices in the bedroom. Definitely a flower for smokers that prefer a sativa as the heady high can become a bit distracting while in the throes of heated passion. However, if you’re into the sativa head high, its energizing effects is perfect for a lustful encounter with a partner that will have you feeling the thirst for the thrust. Cut out some time in your schedules as this flowers effects are long lived… you might need a nap after this.

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