The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights protection prohibiting the discrimination, stigmatization and marginalization of persons with disabilities. The ADA provides us equal opportunity to health care and access whether private or open to the general community.

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ADA: What It Means As A Cannabis Patient

Cannabis patients have the legal right to cannabis and to cannabis delivery services in order to meet their health needs. Many patients rely on cannabis delivery due to mobility and complications related to their illness. ADA ensures persons with disabilities entitlements to cannabis including safe access to their medicine from cannabis delivery services like Green Nectar. These entitlements extend to congregation and consumption without discrimination – you cannot be restricted from taking your medicine.

Why ADA Matters

Recently, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department placed orders for medical cannabis delivery in a sting operation. As a result six (6) delivery drivers were arrested.

Medical Cannabis Requirements:
  • Medical Rec from a licensed physician
  • California state ID or driver’s license

The Sheriff’s Department acted against the voters of the state and, most importantly, they violated ADA protections. However, they are not the only ones violating your rights as cannabis patients. Many local municipalities have banned cannabis storefronts and delivery services from operating within their boundaries.

Most Recent Banned Areas of San Diego County

  • El Cajon
  • Chula Vista
  • Carlsbad

ADA cannabis bans

How To Protect San Diego Cannabis Delivery

The easiest way to join the fights is to become a member of the San Diego Cannabis Delivery Alliance (SDCDA). The SDCDA fights to legitimize cannabis delivery in San Diego County and looks to lift the stigma and bans on cannabis in our communities. Their mission is to advocate for cannabis delivery services to pave a path for state and local licensing for cannabis delivery services.

The next step is to become and advocate for cannabis delivery by calling or writing to your City Council members and County Board of Supervisors. Let them know that you rely on cannabis delivery as a cannabis patient. Ask them to stop infringing on your rights that are protected under ADA law.

To find your elected officials, click here.

Help SDCDA Win the Fight to Keep Delivery Legal

Government agencies in San Diego County and the City of San Diego cannot continue to infringe on your rights to safe and reasonable access to your cannabis as this directly challenges ADA protection. Your elected officials should be stewards of Title II (State and Local Government) and provide pathways to safe access of cannabis for persons with disabilities.

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